Clients experiences of acupuncture by Sharon Dowling.

‘I had acupuncture with Sharon at the same time as having IVF treatment. Sharon is an extremely caring and attentive acupuncturist who was always sensitive to my needs. Every session left me feeling completely relaxed, and even relieved symptoms of a cold on one occasion. Best of all was that I had a positive result and feel certain the acupuncture made a difference.’ Thanks very much again.
— Monica
Having suffered severe pain for the last 5 years due to a number of operations to my hip and leg, I was questioning what could be done to relieve the constant agony.
Still taking strong pain medication and only getting mild pain relief, l was recommended to try acupuncture with Sharon Dowling.
I was astonished to find that it actually removed pain and completely relaxed me.
Sharon is a kind and considerate person and her attention to detail is amazing.
— Ian
Hi, my name is Emma and my daughter Clara was born on time thanks to Sharon and her efforts with the needles, to ensure this.
My contractions started two days after the Acupuncture & a sweep. It all began at 2 a.m. and my daughter was born 18th April at 7.32 a.m.
So thank you so much because your acupuncture worked.
Will be in soon, as I feel my body needs restoring.
— Emma
The shoulder and neck pain I’d been experiencing in my right hand side has gone. I can now hold a glass comfortably in my right hand, without any pain. Can’t believe how quickly the acupuncture worked, just one session. Definitely want more!
— Simone
I have suffered from migraines for 40 years made worse by the menopause, having tried various drugs, botox and reflexology a friend recommended acupuncture. I started seeing Sharon 5 weeks ago and she has totally transformed my life, I have been migraine-free for a month now, sleeping 8 hours a night which I haven’t done for many years, no night sweats plus hot flushes reduced considerably I cannot recommend Sharon enough. My mum had just started treatment for arthritis and Macular Degeneration (AMD) and after just 2 weeks she is also seeing good results. Thank you, Sharon.
— Wendy
I approached Sharon with what the conventional medicine world had started to call an intractable, chronic conundrum. My spirits were incredibly low.
At all times Sharon treated me and my condition with consideration, empathy, an enquiring professional mind and a natural and contagious good humour.
A treatment plan was constructed and explained to me and, to be honest, I improved pretty immediately, both in body and spirit. I have nothing but respect for Sharon both professionally and personally and do not hesitate one jot to wholeheartedly recommend her.
— Steven